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Back in the early 90's we created what I called the "Unified Community Web Site" for the community of Bainbridge Island (everyone got free web sites) to get them going and understand the value of the Internet, and we had a "Unified Community Calendar". Much to my surprise (silly me) Bainbridge Island is not a unified kind of place. Sooo... We followed the "Path of Fragmentation" and everyone has their own calendars. We accommodated that on our current calendar page.

Some of those original people have decided as of late that it might be a good idea to have a "Unified Community Calendar (imagine that). It only took 22 years. Problem is they want to do it as part of a tourism project and of course they will go to our corrupt city for LTAC funding to do it and steal the project from me as they have done for years with LTAC grants (show you later). This Bainbridge Island community site has been working in part with tourism all these years and has been doing a good job in that regard (35 of our top 100 trafficked areas are useful to visitors). But we feel there is a whole lot more to the community than tourism. So we have dusted off the "Bainbridge Island Unified Calendar" and are adding it back to the Community Site after all these years. We will still carry all the individual calendars. You can log in and add your own events right over the Internet or email us your one time event and we will post it for you. It's easy. It's free. To sign up just go to our contact page and send us a note about you or go to the calendar, click on the "UPDATE" link and sign in as a new account. And, pass the calendar on to your friends. - Dave

I am leaving the above story in place for now as it involves this website and many efforts to establish a community calendar (Senator Rolfes will be part of this story). It is relevant today relating to the corruption of the LTAC grant history. Barry Peters LTAC of 2008 is particularly important. I remember Bonnie McBride of the Eagle Harbor Inn say at the pre-grant meeting: "The Lodging Association generates this tax and we should be the ones who decided how this money is used". What would happen if all retail businesses thought that way? Even council woman Kim Bracket who was leading the meeting took note of that statement. It says a lot about "Bainbridge Island and who we are" as you will see shortly. City Councilman Bob Scales has a role in this history also with the Winni/Mickey team.

I am taking the Community Website out of retirement to tell a story that is most important at this time in global history and the subject of Net Neutrality.

OK, ok.. I know you glaze over with stuff like this. So here is a fun way to deliver the message you should take the time to know (if you care). John Oliver, late night comedian

Want to do something? Lower you cable bills? Cell phone bills? Check this out and participate. It happens today Sept. 10th, 2014

The time has come the walrus said, to speak of many things... Only we are going to substitute hamsters for oysters.

This site is now going to work in conjunction with three other projects: REAL ECONOMY, REAL GOVERNMENT AND THE DIOGENES AWARD. Bainbridge Island's value in all this is it's 22 year old story involving the establishment of the Internet here in this community very early on and the effort to create this community website. It is a magnificent and unique story in the world. But also very tragic.

I have thought a lot about how to tell this story. It will be unfolding in chapters over time. There is a series of audio interviews with me over two days by a radio talk show host who flew out here a couple of months ago from Princeton to do these stories and I (we all) owe him a lot.

There is a massive amount of documentation to support the stories and there are decades of witnesses: City staff, ,councils and mayors. Boards of directors and directors of non-profits organizations and business people, as well as just individuals who have witnessed this journey with me. You will get to meet some of them. Especially the LTAC Mafia (definition: LTAC MAFIA - Six nonprofit organizations - Chamber of Commerce, Arts and Humanities, Downtown Assoc., Lodging Assoc. Kitsap Visitors and Convention Bureau and the City of Bainbridge Island) that control a grant of tax money passed on from the state, administered and led by the City of Bainbridge Island.

I have decided to start this story with the most significant piece of history of all (the tip of the iceburg as it were). It defines the true nature of the leadership of this community for generations. This event made it clear to me that I would never be allowed to create a community website here, helping what I call the "three pillars of a community"(government, business, social community)and demonstrates the depth of meanness and depravity that typifies decades of back room activities/leadership on Bainbridge Island. I also saw it in Kitsap County as well. From 1999 and the following letter from ECRC, I began winding my activities down. Stopped putting up new innovations and creating models for the LTAC Mafia to steal. Instead I put them in the can for this story and this time. Depending on the direction things go I may bring them forward. I came back for the ISP Channel event which I knew would some day arrive. When it was done I resumed my "mothballing" process. I still get lots of requests to add and update thing. I am sorry I just can't afford it any more but I am leaving the site run for it's historical value and as a monument to a corrupt community. This sets the stage for the ECRC (Electronic Commerce and Recourse Center) invitation to this community to be the father of Community Internet in the Nation.

This audio story will give a little idea of my experience in fiber optic commuications networks in Kitsap and NW as well as my connection with ECRC and my northwest outreach period.

Here is a partial list of people who saw some for of my presentations around 2000 (As you look at this list ask yourself how many of these people belong to the LTAC MAFIA in some form? This is what creates a "culture" that makes a community what it is).

There is one error on page 4. This group is not a board of directors of the community site. They are an advisory board I established early on of "connectors" in the community. They were a good resource for me to "map" the community inpreparation for my social & economic parts of the project.

Another list coming soon: The Matrix of Influence

This is the ECRC Letter. Note: the letter is made out to the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce. I delivered it personally to the chamber manager in a meeting for that purpose (Merril Robison also got a copy). I also delivered it to the City of Bainbridge Island in a meeting with Mayor Dwight Sutton, City manager Lynn Nordbe and executive secretary Lita Meyers. A week later I went back to ECRC to tell them the leadership of this community has refused their offer (by "not responding at all" is a method repeated throughout history. All leadership need to do to kill something is simply "do nothing"). This will be one of many "disabling" techniques government employs and cameod in my "REALGOVERNMENT" project.

There are 2 important parts of the letter I want you to take note of:

  1. The part warning of the coming entities that will want to take advantage of our economies. This proficy will be fulfilled in the ISP Channel story and others in the future.
  2. The last line, 2nd page. An invitation to take the model I had created here (1992 to 1999) on Bainbridge Island to Washington DC through their beltway company for funding on the national level. I had done it, all the way to the top.

I had succeeded in achieving my ultimate goal way ahead of schedule. ECRC had just completed a 14 million dollar project with the navy and were interested in continuing the process with me. This will go down as the saddest day of my life.

I had the chance to go national with the support of the federal government in 1999. Obama, the first president to get the internet with the help of Silicon Valley was elected in 2009 (ten years later). If we would have done this when I created it, massive amounts of communities across the nation would have been prepared for the economic down falls to come and it could have propelled Jay Inslee into the White House. Over and over again trying to get through to my congressman was a failure. Tried one last time when he ran for govenor, failed. Jay Inslee is an empty suit and I have been a democrate most of my life. My story and objectives is a nonpartisan issue and I try to keep it that way. We will explore this subject later with the Bainbridge Mafia history and BIB.

Corruption, unethical people in leadership and cronism comes with a price. I paid part of it but so did all the communities across the nation that could have been helped including Bainbridge Island in what was to come.



I recently applied for a grant with Kitsap Bank for innovation & entrepreneurialism. I got rejected in the first cut. But they do sit on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce. In the process of appling I worked on my history for my project and used an unlisted site for a staging area. If you want a peek at part of what is to come... Check it out. The audio stories are especially interesting.

When I get to this subject (which is fundmental to the core problem universally (see my link to Diogenes Award audio) I will show you how it is globally universal but modeled on the micro here on Bainbridge Island. Note how the corruption is targeted at small business people (my story and many others, it is in the lawsuits and LTAC history of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap. Probably the rest of the state as well.)

I can't leave with out a funny. In an email to our City when they were going to end the 4th of july parade at the bottom of madison without a good place to go I sent them a "creative email" on the subject. My point was they were not competent enough to figure this out. City staff loved it. My tag line was: "Yes it is true, he is the 2nd most interesting man in the world" next to his uncle.. My uncle is a cool guy.

I get lots of request for "how do we go back to the county?" My answer always starts with, "We should ask the county if they want us back?" Lots of champaign corks were popped when we left. That said, my stories will show you just as much corruption on BI as in the county. Sooo, the quote from my uncle has to do with "choosing a career". When you become a "City" you choose a career.

Stay thirsty my friends - Dave


The following is returning to the old site but soon to be part of the future.

Would you trust the economic health of your business, life's savings, investments, economic future and retirement to these men?

Guess what...   You did
And the question is...
Did you win or lose?

$  Real Economy  $

An economic survival kit for the individual and small business in a global economy.


I sent these two emails out to one of my lists. The second was a reply to the first & confirmed what I suspected with more information added. This is important way beyond Bainbridge Island

Just a little heads up on PSE Power Bill Scam, forward to friends. - Dave Henry

It is kind of ironic when we are talking about forming our own power company ;-)

Here is the story: Another small business in the complex of offices I am in forwarded his phone to me while he was out of the country for a while (Sweden) so I could take messages. I got a call to day to him saying:" PSE is sending a truck in 45 min. to an hour to disconnect his power for (nonpayment)"

I happen to know we all get a power bill in our rent & the building owner pays the power bill. They are fishing for your credit card # so you don't get "disconnected".

Here are the signs:

East Indian accent
Put you in crisis.
I asked for a disconnect order # (they gave me one) But we finished the phone call when I said I will verify.

The owners were not in the building at the moment so I gave the info to their secretary. They funny thing is PSE could not confirm or denigh because she was not listed on the power bill. So we are on our own when a truck arrive to disconnect? Which is your problem. You give them your CC number and the truck doesn't show up. What a deal, your were saved.

But,after a loss you will have to close your credit card.

This is reminiscent of a long going scam telling you that: "They are MicroSoft customer service & you have a virus in your computer". They probably got millions out of people. They want to send you to a website to run a virus scan on your computer then get your CC number to fix it.

I had fun with them.... As they were talking me through the process and gave me a website to go to (I said I was there) the guy asked me what I saw, I said:" It was flashing big red letters that said "Scam Alert" signed by Microsoft.


These people have smarts (picking on Microsoft) & these scams are not local and hard to kill. I am willing to guess this scam will run throughout PSE's jurisdiction (if true, needs verification). Our power wasn't shut off and we made no payment.

Bottom line.... You are on your own. I am sure they will get lots of people's money.

SO - Be smart, be wary and if you are like me, be cool & mess with there minds.

Another public service of

And remember: Cronyism kill innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Be seeing you - Dave

2-11-16 - My Follow-up email
I have confirmation of the Scam. The day after I sent the previous email out I got a call from one of the people on my email list. They had some details to add. They got a call as I described. He called his wife that paid the power bill. Couldn't reach her. They told him that to stop the disconnect he had to get a "Cash Card (prepaid debit card you can get at stores that do money orders, etc.) Call them back quickly to stop the disconnect. So he did, got it at Safeway, called them back & gave them the card number. The fee was $400?. Their power was not disconnected and didn't hear another word

Later they checked their email and found my warning. Given the territory & households covered by PSE it would only take 10,000 customers to fall for this game to make 4 million. Not a bad weeks worth of work.

I informed the manager of Safeway of the scam & suggested they keep an eye out for customers repeating the same MO. and do them a favor. They had also through their network received a notification of two other instances in the state but didn't realize the significance.

Be smart & keep your money.

Be seeing you - Dave Henry

In the beginning there was...
I heard about this project called The Diogenes Award ( on a KUOW show about ethic. What's that all about?  Something to do with looking for honest men and women in government and business"?

Ohhh yea, and why we are on the subject of ethics...or the lack there of... what's an LTAC grant anyway?

All will be reveled in the 2 decade old history of the LTAC grant here on Bainbridge Island but applies across the state. When the story becomes public I will do a pole of this community as to whether you think this is an ethical or unethical thing. Yes or no vote, simple. The good news is twenty + years of mayors, city councils and boards & directors of what I call the "LTAC Mafia" have already voted. It is unanimous in favor of "ethical". This is what our government and beltway bandits thinks of this issue. Lets see what the people of this community think and compare the two. Are we having fun yet? I will send the results on to the State Legislature and the Coalition for Open Government as well as keep you posted here. Remember we are a model for Real Economy, Real Government and the Diogenes Award on the global level.



All will be revealed soon

NEW 2-17-2015

The Three Minute Government
and what it costs

This is going to be an update of several recent things I have mentioned in my three minutes at city council meetings and a forum at the City that related to "Good Governance". As usual our leaders can't even begin to get the information they need to make good decisions in three minutes. The system also breaks down when leadership does not seek out knowledge and relies on the incompetent or those promoting their agendas that have the inside access for all their information. This method of government comes with many costs (usually the public pays the price) and it can be counted in millions of dollars in loss & waste over decades.

As usual things are not black & white and are interconnected with history (we tend to repeat history. Since the Waterfront Park and 2 million dollar pot of money is the next target. Parking in downtown is connected. Three projects that I believe would be better, more cost effective or an improvement on what is designed and being rushed through as I write, but were not allowed to be considered in the "public input process"(I will probably do this in a video)

Time to visit our cities hot new downtown wireless. How is it working for you and the chamber? Time to tell you why I didn't do it 12 years ago now that you have spent/wasted the money. Did anyone do an ROI on this puppy?

Sooo, let me take our city and this community on a walk down memory lane to another mayor and council and another give-a-way of public land. This time instead of nonprofits it was a developer. It involved Winslows park commission (which I was a member of)

This is May, 1987. We were in the process of finishing the Water Front Park as it exists today (less our 1/2 million dollar restroom). The attached documents include a development call the Carol King Building (read the article carefully, many threads there). The letter to the mayor referencing the foot bridge. Important to our waterfront trail and the letter from the Department of Ecology (they would reject it 3 times before we were done, they had a little ethics). The letter from the mayor instructing Park Commission only to essentially review the landscaping (this letter disappeared from the City's files. Good thing I still have a copy to help out it's replacement). The "Peoples Park Protest" organized to display the corruption at hand and educate the public of what was happening in the "back rooms". A letter to the editor I wrote at the time explaining things. Last but not least another document disappeared from City files. A mitigating parking solution for the impact on parking requirements related to a related "parking deal" for a "friend" of the city.



I will bring this story forward to a few years ago. Wait till you see what this little "GIFT" of the people of this community netted the developer and cost us and we are still doing it today.

NEW 9-11-2014

When you see my history you will understand I am an aggregation of art and tech, with and entrepreneurial bent from grade school. When the old BIB/EDC/former City mayors,councils and staff "mafias?" cranked up to create a new taxing district to funnel house holders monies in this economy when people are loosing their retirements and houses in this economic down turn and into their pockets as a "PORT OF BAINBRIDGE ISLAND." If you look into the history of port districts you will see they are very corrupt (just look at Seattle's history in the news). I couldn't stand by because I knew them all and we were repeating history. They will pick a non-profit to hide behind. Because it was marine Port Madison Yatch club was elected and there is a concentration of them as members, easy pease. (sorry Port Madison but you let them do it). So Winni Jones did her "Fearless leader" thing, organized a public event at the Commons, stacked the "would be board" with all the cronies and got the press on board who will never question the truth they know. Sooo. I showed up at the event (another story).

Of cource all our current local leaders and press know about the truth of this but if they do nothing they can't be held accountable now or in the future (maybe?).

But I also thought..., these people have been trying to kill this community for over 3 decades that I am aware of, so maybe I can help. I got a hold of the "Grimm Reapers" union and asked if they could lend a hand to the Port effort and Barry Peters as well (might as well kill two birds with one stone). They sent an emissary to meet three commuter boats on halloween in support of the Port project and Barry Peters re-election but it sadly didn't help. Went down in flames 25/75 on the Port. But the Reapers tried. Thanks guy for the effort.


Reflecting in retrospect, maybe the voters of BI are smarter than the local mafias & City after all (knowledge is power). THINK ABOUT IT... WHY DIDN'T YOU KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS WHEN IT WAS HAPPENING???? IN THAT ANSWER, YOU WILL KNOW ONE OF THE REASONS WHY DECADES OF LEADERSHIP ON THIS ISLAND HAVE TRIED TO ELIMINATE A COMMUNITY WEBSITE and the true nature of our local papers.

Ethics and integrety in leadership and transparency on all levels is key. Why Bainbridge Island's history is so important to the state, national and global subject of Net Neutrality. the ISP Channel story will show all.

NEW 9-18-2014

The big event in this history of Bainbridge Island and connected to the story of the "tip of the iceberg, ECRC letter". The arrival of the ISP Channel - more soon

ISP Channel/Northland's website for Bainbridge Island . Note the Discover Bainbridge Project promoted top dead center. What our City & essentially of the LTAC Mafia worked to eliminate me and Bainbridge Island Community Network for.

As I have often said in the past: "It would all be so sad and tragic if we can't laugh a little". Here is a "biblical" tale of the event when it happened. After all I am "David" and I did meet the Goliath of Palo Alto and supporting cast of Bainbridge Island's esteemed leadership on the Planes of Woodward and won. Factual, more boring story will follow.

Here is the audio interview with Dave Henry & Greg Moore on the ISP Channel/Northland/Bainbridge Island/Discover Bainbridge Island event.

Discover Bainbridge directory (soon)

This was the end of what could have been an amazing future for the Bainbridge Island Rotary on the national level

I will show you how the history of our government is written in it's lawsuits. The same methods employed against Chuck Cole vrs Bainbridge Island, the people caring for stray dogs, Papa Murphy's and Dave Christenson were used against me and the Community Network, only I had no money to defend myself against their economic and bureaucratic terrorism. Chuck Cole case was why Dwight Sutton (mayor) couldn't get out of office fast enough and Stephany Warren (land use admin.) was fired. But supposedly the next mayor (Darlene K)hired her back for a year so she could get invested in the Cities retirement fund. I have both the video and text versions of their deposition on this case. Davis Wight Tremaine was the attorney of record at the time representing Chuck Cole. Ironically they are supporters of the Coalition for Open Government and a bag from that organization with the law firms name on it is how I transport my portable audio recording studio to record City meetings. (I was told in passing by a former city council person, who I can't remember, that Stephan committed purgery in the deposition. I have no idea what it is because I don't have the inside knowledge that mayors & council have in executive sessions and I do not have the time to waste on such trivial pursuits. For me it is all about salvaging what is left of our economies and the reconstruction there of into the future. Sadly, I suspect we have more losses to come. Watch global currencies and the central banks for clues. (If somebody wants to publish another opinion on this subject I will gladly post it, just give your name and email address as I do.)

Hey, what the hell, it's just: "Bainbridge Island and who we are."

Soon, the "Matrix of Influence" on Bainbridge Island. Kind of reminds me of the Georgia Guidestones you can see some of there names carved in stone in our new art museum. Millions of dollars worth of investment.. Nice place, worth a visit.

Dave Henry and the Bainbridge Island Community Network are going to trial!!!!  Starting the deposition phase now.

More on this soon. I will keep you posted.

Significant leftovers from the "old" site

A Shot of Public Art on Bainbridge Island

Marina District - Be Seeing You

Some backyard on Bainbridge -
Naked Chicken Machine
YouTube Video.   Well,... I think it's art, preformance type.
(All though, it could be confused with some locals applying for building permits at City Hall. It's the fees (traffic cone scene), waiting line, process and end result that is similar).

City/Government News
Coalition for
Open Government

We need lots more of this, and the Community Network and friend are doing our part.




Inside Bainbridge: Great source of information on what is happening on the island. Well balanced, especially government issues. A good example of what the Internet has "ENABLED" in our communities. This will be important in my history. I am happy to support them.
(Ghost of the Buzz)
Featured Event on Bainbridge

In Winslow:
Check out Pegasus, Tuesday and Thursday night music.

Of Social Significance

OUR CONSISTENT VISION: To be our community's 'Online Neighborhood.'

Very early, we realized that the internet had a lot of potential -- both positive and negative -- for small communities. We saw that the creation of a Community Network on Bainbridge Island was a way to actualize some of that positive potential and help insulate the community from some of the negative. Here's how our vision played out in the real world.

More on the history of Bainbridge Island Community Network

Also see Bainbridge Island and Net Neutrality issue as well as The Secret Formulas of Community (also on this page) for a broader perspective.

Here is something we all need to understand. It is connected to everything: Global warming, population issues, human rights and a better quality of life. Even the survival of the planet. (needs broadband)
Watch the YouTube Trailer

After you watch the movie, here is how to
get started doing something.  
(Note #6, we're doing our part).

One of the most profound lessons I have learned in the journey I've been on all these years, is that the true measure of the value of a community is seen not by what it is, but rather in the story of what it might have been.
Dave Henry - Builder and Craftsman of the Virtual Community

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