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We'd like to hear from you for a verity of reasons:

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Dear Friends,
Bainbridge Island Community Network will be 16 years old in March, 2007 and it is evolving.

A pioneering effort in the nation at that time. Using the internet to benefit the social and economic health of communities.

If you need a reason
to write us, here's a few...

  • Your organization , club or group is not listed and should be or you want to alter your existing listing. *
  • Your business, is for some reason is not listed and should be or you want to alter your existing listing. *
  • You want to participate in one of our marketing projects or other events and we missed you.
  • Calendar information.
  • Your looking for something and can't find it.
  • You have a good idea and want us to know or work with you.
  • We have a broken or dead link (We know we have a few carry overs from the old site).
  • You saw something on the net or other source that would be of interest to the community.
  • You have a complaint.
  • You have a comment.
  • You have a compliment.

This area will contain a disclaimer, copyright information, some of the history of the Community Network which began in 1992 in the early beginnings of the internet, before most people even knew what email was.

The great value of this journey that I and others have been on all these years is not what Bainbridge Island and the Bainbridge Island Community Network are but it is the story of what these two entities might have become. This story is now of great value in the world. It is this fifteen year old story that foretells the future of the Internet if the Net Neutrality Issue is not settled on behalf of public interests on a global scale rather than the greed and thirst for power that is represented by the global telecommunications corporations and governments.
(more of story this story later)

* Part of the disclaimer will contain a note on the subject of ethics and pertain to a few people and organizations we will not serve because their actions have been detrimental to the Community and/or the Community Network, but they are few and know who they are.

Dave H.