Bainbridge Island has a fine collection of dining choices. Listings follow below


Down Town Winslow
(walk from the ferry)

Winslow Way
Fine dining, a favorite of the locals

Emmy's Veggie House
Good wholesome vegetarian fair with an Asian flavor (walking distance from the ferry)

Cafe Nola
Fine Northwest cuisine

Four Swallows
Unique NW fair

Big Star Diner
A true diner, moved here from the Midwest

Streamliner Diner
Good diner fair, breakfast and lunch

Good low fat sandwiches

San Carlos
Southwest Mexican style cuisine

Isla Bonita
Mexican food downtown

Casa Rojas
Mexican style

Bainbridge Island Sushi House
Japanese - Visit Koji and experience the Island's oldest Japanese restaurant

Shima Garden Sushi
Sushi plus other types of dishes

Simon Chinese Cuisine

Teriyaki Town
Specializing in teriyaki

That's A Some Pizza
Oldest homegrown pizza on the Island

Mona Elisa
Italian food and pastas to go with a rye smile

Westside Pizza
Pizza a short walk from the ferry

East Indian

Marina District - Waterfront
(walk from the ferry)

Doc's Marina Grill
Good steak and seafood on the waterfront

Pegasus Coffee
The retail outlet for the first coffee roaster on the Island

Bainbridge Thai Cuisine
Thai food on the waterfront

Harbour Public House
Pub fair on Eagle Harbour

The Living Room
A friendly, intimate wine and hors d'oeuvre bar in a series of living room settings.

The Village
(Just North of downtown)

Safeway Deli
Good made to order sandwiches, soups and dinners

M&M Market
Good deli and handmade sandwiches

Casa Rojas - Takeout
Mexican food to go

Mud Puddle Coffee Shop
Coffee and espresso in a casual atmosphere

Pizza Factory
Pizza in the Village

Home of the Big Mac

Lynnwood Center

Sawan Thai Kitchen
Thai food on the south/west end of the Island

Treehouse Cafe
Coffee shop, beer, wine, local hang out. Good thin crust pizza with fresh toppings. (Lunch, dinner, good bike ride stop)

Salmon Bay Cafe
Breakfast, Lunch; great neighborhood cafe.

Local market and deli. Nice walk in beer cooler.

Rest of the Island

New Rose Cafe
Coffee and lunch in a garden setting

Fine Thai at the center of the Island